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Stash Tubs

Leaf Lid Screw Top

There are two size of screw top tubs, large and small. The large measures 55mm diameter x 60mm tall, the small measures 42mm diameter x 49mm tall. They both have ‘The Gi’nSi SeedBank’ extruded from the inside of the lid to approximately 2.5mm and the outside has a 3D Cannabis Leaf. Beneath the base has ‘Gi’nSi’ embossed.

The Large Tub - Only £4.25

The Small Tub - Only £3.50

These are produced in random colours, if you require a specific colour, please place a comment on your purchase form and we will contact you. Alternatively, please email us Here. We will send a random colour from stock if no specific colour is discussed.

Please Note:

A stock colour item will be sent unless you request a specific colour from our material stocks. For information, please contact

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