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Here we have the GBM-1.5g (Gi’nSi Blunt Mould - 1.5g fill capacity).

These are 3D printed with Gi’nSi branding, they come with a reusable roach and skewer, both of which have storage locations built in to the mould.

Assemble the mould, place the lock rings on, fit the skewer then pack down 1.5g of your favourite herbs… Leave for 12>24hrs, then remove and wrap in a king skin… Enjoy…

Get Yours Now..!

Mk2 Limited Quantity First Batch Now Released…

£9.50 (plus P&P)


The ‘Gi’nSi Blunt Mould’

Please Note:

I’m an engineer, I like to tinker with designs and modify them to improve or add features, as such, designs are subject to change and/or improvement without notification.

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