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Ginsi ¦ Critical Orange Punch Fem Cannabis Seeds UK

Northern Auto Fem

Ginsi ¦ Critical Purple Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds UK

Cindy 99 Fem

Ginsi ¦ Gorilla ZKittles Fem Cannabis Seeds UK

BC Diesel Fem

Ginsi ¦ Bubba Kush CBD Fem Cannabis Seeds UK

CR+ Fem

Ginsi ¦ Green Crack Fem Cannabis Seeds UK

Kabrales Auto

Critical Auto

Ginsi ¦ Doctor Seedsman CBD 30:1 Feminised Medical Cannabis Seeds UK

Grandaddy Purple Fem

Ginsi ¦ Durban Poison Fem Cannabis Seeds UK

Critical Daddy Fem

Ginsi ¦ Peyote WiFi Feminised Cannabis Seeds UK

Cream Auto

Ginsi ¦ Blueberry (Seedsman) Femnised Cannabis seeds UK

Green Crack Fem

Here we have a range of strains from the Epic BlimBurn Seed Company.

Trust us when we say these deliver the goods!

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Blimburn is well known for the high quality of its seeds. All BlimBurn Seeds are completely unique and are the results of years of study, hard work and stabilisation.

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